College of Teacher Education (CTE)

The College of Teacher Education aspires to be one of the country’s premier teacher-training institutions in terms of generating competitive, committed, and accountable educators. It provides more than enough field study and practice teaching experiences for its students to become context experts. Furthermore, by introducing students to a classroom atmosphere, the programs assist students in developing and learning a variety of teaching styles.

A Bachelor of Elementary Education/Bachelor of Secondary Education graduate can be expected to exhibit competency in teaching by employing a variety of teaching strategies in their areas of concentration. They can develop and implement innovative educational resources and learning activities to provide high-quality instruction to a variety of learners from various learning environments, and can demonstrate and practice the professional and ethical requirements of the teaching profession for better and more efficient fulfillment of a teacher’s mission; and engage in or lead socio-civic activities to promote an educated society.

College of Computer Studies (CCS)

The College of Computer Studies is constantly evolving to better prepare students for careers in system and web development, multimedia, networking, cyber security, and computing solutions. This prepares students for the rigors of the corporate world. The “Thesis/Capstone Project,” on the other hand, will be the application of the underlying concepts and theories learned throughout the curriculum of the aforementioned degree programs.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology focuses on the study of both hardware and software technologies, including planning, installing, customizing, operating, managing and administering, and maintaining information technology infrastructure that provides computing solutions to meet the needs of an organization.

College of Business Administration (CBA)

The Business Administration programs seek to provide students with a good general foundation in business administration, followed by mastery of concepts, tools, and abilities required for advanced management and financial science. CBA supplements these with hands-on experience in the real business world through its practicum program and industrial collaborations.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Bachelor of Science in Accountancy course equips students with the knowledge and skills required to establish efficient marketing strategies and marketing programs. It may also provide assurance and audit services for statutory financial reporting and tax-related services, management advisory services through accounting expertise in financial reporting and control, and other accounting-related services.               

College of Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHTM)

The College of Hospitality and Tourism Management can help you secure a prosperous future. All CHTM degree programs offer carefully created curricula that are thorough, current, and industry-driven to prepare students for careers in hospitality and tourism.

The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management/Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degree educates students to be effective leaders, managers, and/or entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. Its specializations combine a perspective and practice with a combination of management theory and practical immersion in hospitality operations. It also focuses on the development of management and entrepreneurial skills for students who want to advance their careers in the tourism industry. The curriculum guarantees that students obtain the tools and knowledge they need to advance in their chosen careers in tourism and hospitality.

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