Kindergarten is the first opportunity for youngsters to understand that school is a place where they can learn and work. They will learn to share, take turns, respect the rights of others, and look after themselves. 

The kindergarten program gives early learning opportunities in language development, number concepts, creative skills, and social and physical development. Pupils are given the building blocks for perceiving, reasoning, and problem solving through actual experiences. As the child’s universe of awareness expands from the home to the classroom, educational experiences give balance and variety among physical, mental, spiritual, and social activities.

Grade School

Guided by the Principles of Lasallian Schools and by the Vision-Mission Statement of De La Salle John Bosco College, the Basic Education Department envisions itself as the center of academic research and technological excellence by providing wider avenue of quality human and Christian education for the Filipino youth, believes in the Divine Providence and upholds the values of Human dignity, social justice and responsibility, sense of national identity and culture, integrity of creation and competence.

Elementary education, which covers Grades 1–6, prepares students for junior high school by assisting them in communicating effectively, acquiring competencies such as critical thinking and reasoning skills, maintaining and developing both physical and emotional health, becoming active participants in the learning process, and appreciating the school’s values.

Junior & Senior High School

Junior High School, which covers students in Grades 7–10, seeks to nurture and enrich the overall development of elementary school students by instilling Christian principles, compassion for others, and service to country and fellowmen. It accomplishes this through assisting students in identifying their abilities and interests, introducing them to extracurricular activities that foster self-discovery and leadership, and providing them with chances to participate in social and civic concerns.

Senior High School covers the last two years of the K-12 curriculum, Grades 11 and 12. Students in SHS will follow a core curriculum and choose subjects from a track of their choice. De La Salle John Bosco College’s Senior High School Program is a College Prep Program. Our students are prepared for industrial career by being taught real-world skills and being educated by experts in the field.

We envision SHS not as an extension of basic education, but as a precursor to what college education could Be.

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