De La Salle John Bosco College has colleges that develop holistic beings, guided by its mission to be at the vanguard of Catholic education in the fields of teaching, research, and community service.

Every college has a set of goals that it adheres to when creating programs for each specialization. Academic staffs are practitioners in their fields, so they’re always up to date on the current trends. Most are also obliged to complete postgraduate courses. Students’ skills and knowledge are continually improved through field trips, research, and seminars, in addition to lectures.

Lectures are given alongside laboratory courses to help students better understand major subjects, whether they are in the science and technology or the liberal arts. Students will be able to observe the practical application of the ideas they study and engage in hands-on activities as a result of this.

De La Salle John Bosco College aspires to be a resource for the church and country in the areas of information technology, business and entrepreneurship, management, and education through its integrated and experimental programs at the basic education, tertiary, and graduate levels.

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